A while ago, when my family and I took a two-week trip to Italy, we decided to board our dog, Diesel. Diesel is a very protective and pack-oriented animal and doesn’t really like to be left alone; In fact, he will DESTROY things, like the windowsill or doors or walls when he feels anxious. We thought, “OH, well, there will be people there at the kennel with him MOST of the time, and he will be contained at night, so, he shouldn’t fuss with anything.”


The second day of our vacation we received an email from the owner of the kennel.  Apparently, Diesel was experiencing some anxiety;  So MUCH so, that we found out that he had eaten through the wire gate, bloodied his nose, ran around the place at 3am, tripped the alarms, and had the police arrive.  Needless to say, the owner was not happy with us.  I guess this experience allowed us to realize that not all dogs are comfortable with being left alone in a strange place, ESPECIALLY OURS.


I started dog-sitting for my cousins the following summer, and began to notice that many pet owners feel the same way as our family;  It is so much nicer to have someone care for your dog in his or her usual environment!  I also, more recently have discovered, that not only is there a need for this type of service, but that I am sort of in a perfect position to do this (divorced, living at home with mom, and working a flexible 9-5 job which will sometimes allow me to work remotely.)  So far, having the occasional dog and house-sitting client has worked out perfectly for me, and quite honestly, it is almost like a mini-vacation for myself.  I have even enjoyed cleaning and cooking meals while people are away so that they are able to come home to a clean house and a meal in the fridge.  These are the types of things that I would appreciate if I were once again a home-owner.

So, I am looking to expand a bit on a client-base.  If you are interested or are in need of any of the below services, plese feel free to text or call me to schedule a meet-and-greet with your pets, and go over their routines and expectations.  I very much look forward to connecting with other like-minded animal-lovers like myself.  🙂



Pet Sitting (DAY) – $25/day    – This would include a drop-in on your dog/pet(s) in the morning around 9am with a breif visit and feeding, and then once on the evening with a walk and feeding (in whichever order you prefer.)

Pet Sitting (Overnight) – $35/day    -This would include overnights at your home.  I would be there in the mornings and then in the evening to walk and feed them, and do other miscelaneous things, like bring in your mail, take out the trash, walk them, and relax or play in the evening.


Add Ons:

Light Cleaning-  These are mostly specified by you.  As a general rule, I always make sure that the home I’m sitting for is exactly how I find it.  I also leave no trash in the bin, no dishes in the dishwasher or dishrack, and I make sure that any towels/sheets that have been used are washed.  I would consider “light” cleaning to be kitchen-centric (ie. Making appliances, sink, countertops/surfaces and floors sparkly clean in 2-3 rooms.)

~Additional $25 (over total cost.)

Heavy Cleaning- This would involve bathrooms (showers, toilets, sinks, mirror, floors) bedroom floors and surfaces (dusting,) and some hands-and-knees stuff that might require several hours and some elbow grease.  🙂  Again, specified by you.

~Additional $60 (over total cost.)


Return Home Meal –

I LOVE to cook, as evidenced by THIS very blog.  I would be more than happy to provide you, or you and your family, a meal to come home to after a long day of traveling.  I am best at making the types of recipes that I have on my blog, but if you find something that catches your fancy, so-to-speak, just leave a copy of it on your countertop and I’ll have it waiting in the fridge for you when you return.

~ Additional $20-30 (over total cost.)


Contact Info:

Megan K.  (412)-418-1962  (texts welcome)

Email: Megkress@gmail.com