“About Me”

Why am I a vegetarian? I feel like most vegetarians have a response prepared for this question, because it is enevitable that people will ask.  My response changes from day-to-day given the more that I learn, but there is one aspect that doesn’t; I just don’t like to eat animals. Fern, from Charlotte’s Web, has always been my spirit animal.


Call me crazy, but I feel like animals are friends; not food.  I could never kill something and eat it (except for a fish, hence the “Pescatarian” title) and the middle-man involved these days tends to make things a bit complicated.

Falling Water

My interest in vegetarianism began right around the time I started college at Penn State in 2003.  I was honestly toying with the idea of switching majors from Journalism to Nutrition, but all of the math that was involved scared me away, so, it became somewhat of a hobby. I’ve done numerous cleanses and raw diets; sometimes for weight loss and sometimes for health. I have delved into a plethora of books and documentaries about factory farming, animal treatment, and natural health.  I am by NO means an expert, but for the sake of talking “about me,” these are the things that I have found to be true, so far, about our relationships with food:

  • SOO much of our social culture and our personal time revolves around FOOD (Food Prep, dining out, feeding our families, going out for drinks, celebrating with food, mourning with food, etc.) If you aren’t participating (ie. If you’re trying a cleanse, fast, diet, or abstaining from food in some way) people will notice. I think that the perspective gained by removing myself from this once and a while keeps me mindful.
  • YES; It is possible to get all of the nutrients, minerals, and protein, your body needs from eating a plant-based diet.  Also, contrary to popular belief, It is possible to eat TOO much protein.  It is up to you, really, to discover a balance that works for your body.
  • Your body can digest plant food much easier than meat and dairy products. Eliminating these foods can free-up bodily energy that would otherwise be used for digestion. There are also ways to combine foods to promote healing, improved health, and appearance (hair, skin, nails.) It’s all in the chemistry.
  • There is STILL so much more to learn.

I will be the first to tell you that I do not always eat healthily, but I use these beliefs as a guideline to how I TRY to eat.  Also, I believe you need to indulge (cheat) every once in a while to keep yourself sane.  I love me some cheese and wine and my after-dinner ice cream! Did I mention that I love wine?  I also always keep my social media feeds packed with beauty food knowledge and info. My favorite right now is dietician Kimberly Snyder; I feel that she does an excellent job keeping her audience up-to-date on the latest Natural Health news.

Rock Hopping

Diesel (my sous chef) and I also like to stay active and go on a lot of outdoor adventures, so don’t be surprised if I happen to blog about that, too. I am always looking to expand my travel wish-list with cool outdoor destinations. Last year I was able to spend some time camping at Ohiopyle and Raystown Lake and I would love to travel up to Acadia National Park and over more towards the coast this summer. Perhaps a post about camping cuisine is in my near future.

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