Sirena Taco Joint & Bar – McMurray PA

This little obscure place is hidden from view and is tucked in the back of a corridor within the Donaldson’s Crossroads shopping plaza.  We were passing through McMurray on our way home from a shopping trip to Tanger Outlets and decided to give it a try after scoping out the menu.


We were excited to possibly find a restaurant that had somewhat trendy-looking food-truck style offerings in the South Hills that [didn’t appear to be] another chain.  Upon walking into Sirena, I was surprised to see a huge patio with loungey outdoor-seating surrounded by tiki torches, a pretty large bar-area, and plenty of seating for families.  We took a seat at the bar and checked out the colorful chalkboard draft list.  Eight dollars for an East End Big Hop?  Holy smokes; a little pricey, but they had some decent brews.

The entire place seemed really clean and new, although not very bumpin’ for a Saturday evening.  I thought, quite possibly, that many peope didn’t know that this place was back here.  The ambiance was laid-back; sort of like Mad Mex meets West Coast, but this menu was definitely a lot smaller.  The one-pager started with a few apps, then tacos (12 different combinations), and then some mains.  I ordered a BBQ shrimp taco, Mahi Mahi taco, and one with baked tofu.


The Mahi was the best one, with the tofu coming in a close second.  The shrip taco (center) was falling apart, and with all of the crispy pieces on top it was pretty hard to eat.   My consensus:  The flavors were good and creative, but the textures were just not there, unfortunately.  The veggies were limp, the tofu could have been way more crispy, and the salsa didn’t seem fresh.  AWESOME concept for a cool little place around here, but I feel that they need to up their fresh factor (add some crunch with the veggies,) bring down their beer prices, and either move to a more prominient location where people can see them or advertise.

Check out the menu.

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