Man Down – Sous Chef has “Limber Tail”


Oh, the things we take for granted each day, like, a dog’s carefree wagging tail. Just a couple of days ago I walked in from work and he approached me bright-eyed and smiling; tail waving back and forth whacking everything in sight. I could barely even see his tail as it was spinning like a helicopter in a perfect circular fashion. Maybe this was how it happened, but I wasn’t there to see it.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Now, it doesn’t wag. It sits limp at the base of his spine unable to articulate his consistent friendliness and love for his human friends, walks, day care, the dog park, bacon, table scraps, chasing squirrels, squeaky toys, swimming, car rides, and other canine friends. Can you imagine the frustration he must feel not being able to express genuine excitement or fear and uneasiness?  To have something that you did all the time without thought, like smiling, suddenly become painful and difficult?


In a larger sense, it makes me appreciate all of the avenues that are available to us humans for expression of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions; even if they aren’t received by someone else. Sometimes, the act of simply clearing our thoughts and energy by writing them down, saying a prayer, creating a work of art, engaging in physical activity, or even talking to someone has profound effects on our mental health. Just the thought of unreleased emotional energy makes me feel anxious, so I suppose I have a small glimpse into how he must feel.


The good news is that he should recover in about a week or so from his “Limber Tail,” and return to his jovial self.  “Limber Tail,” by definition is an injury to a dog’s tailbone causing it to become limp and sore. I never realized before how much his genuinely happy greeting meant to me. They say that “happy PEOPLE,” practice gratitude often. Perhaps in honor of starting such a habit, I will express gratitude for my dog’s wagging tail and his loving greeting that I receive each day. 🙂

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