Spiced Chickpea Tacos

I was preparing for a much-needed break from reality and tossing some necessities in a suitcase for Key West.  In between neatly folding little sundresses and barely there swimsuits, the hunger pangs hit hard. Everything about my preparation for this trip was LIGHT:  Spend light, pack light, EAT light, BE light, lighten my hair, lighten my … More Spiced Chickpea Tacos

Backpacking for Dummies (Like Me.)

I was NOT aware of how meticulous seasoned hikers were about the weight of their “packs.” I guess, in some practical sort of way, they are like turtles crawling up and down the cool forest floor carrying the weight of their home on their shoulders; Ready to take to shelter at any given moment. I had never gone backpacking for days like this before, so my cousin Miles … More Backpacking for Dummies (Like Me.)

The Bourbon SMASH

Soo, in light of the summer-inspired meal I just shared, I think I should encourage you all to make THIS gorgeous thing to go along with it!  If you are a bourbon-lover, like yours truly, this may very well be your new favorite cocktail. This was adapted from Geoffrey Zakarian’s SMASH recipe, and it is very … More The Bourbon SMASH

Thai Quinoa w/ Mangoes & Cucumber-Mint Salad

I had far too much energy yesterday.  It is a rare occasion that I bounce through my day with PEP and prolonged excitement towards grocery shopping (after work) and cooking something fierce.  It was one of those days, for a DARN change, and I liked it. I might have even had rainbows coming out of my ears.  How obnoxious … More Thai Quinoa w/ Mangoes & Cucumber-Mint Salad

Sirena Taco Joint & Bar – McMurray PA

This little obscure place is hidden from view and is tucked in the back of a corridor within the Donaldson’s Crossroads shopping plaza.  We were passing through McMurray on our way home from a shopping trip to Tanger Outlets and decided to give it a try after scoping out the menu. We were excited to possibly find a restaurant that … More Sirena Taco Joint & Bar – McMurray PA

Coffee Break.

Come gli italiani fanno I’ve been having my coffee (well, espresso) like this ever since my trip to Italy. I think at first I was just trying to fit in, and would quietly sip my miniature frothy cappuccino at the bar; totally afraid to ask for it “to go” OR to add something to it, … More Coffee Break.